RAAG Brand

RAAG Brand – created with an idea of foreign market. It is a brand which replaced our previous aims. These breadsticks are delicious and at a good price. Moreover, they have modernly and eye- catching design package.

In 2014 we have decided to rebrand RAAG by announcing the contest for logo and new packaging. At the same time we adopted, that this new brand and new products may change the look of the salty snacks by linking classic with modernity.


Salty Sticks

400 g

First step in working on the brand, was creation of the logo for earlier selected name. We searched for the innovatory solutions and have taken into consideration that if the product is going to be on the international market it must suit the worldwide forms. This forms are not strongly attached to culture of any regions of Europe or even world. e decided to set up the international contest for RAAG logo. That idea encouraged many talented and well- known graphic designers from all over the world. Within two months we received dozens of projects from all over the world. Some of them are presented below.

After choosing the winning project we decided to take the next step and organise contest for the whole package with new RAAG logo. The amount of replies was bigger than we expected.